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Duette Honeycomb Shade


Twice as nice. In more ways than one. Original Duette® honeycomb cellular pleated blinds provide better insulation and gently filter the incoming light thanks to air chambers between the lengths of fabric.

They turn glaringly bright daylight into a pleasant, soft light inside the room. However, Duette® blinds also impress visually: The end pleat is as perfect as the first. Duette® therefore meets all requirements in terms of aesthetics, quality and design.

Best for:

Regular windows (rectangular)
Tilt & Turn windows
Gable windows
Ceiling windows
Skylight windows

LEHA Duette Wabenplissee DU20VOU verspannt
Solar protection
Daylight control
Privacy shield
Acoustic insulation
Thermal insulation
Made to measure in Austria
washable (depends on fabric)
Mounting options
LEHA Wabenplissee Duette M5 in die Glasleiste verschraubt am Fensterfalz

on the glass (recess)

Directly mounted in the recess, fitted closely to the glass for perfect daylight control. Perfect for Tilt & Turn windows.

LEHA Duette Wabenplissee auf den Fensterflügel verschraubt M9 dum9

on the window frame

Perfect solution for windows with big sash bars.

LEHA Duette Wabenplissee vor der Fensternische mit Lightrise

on wall or ceiling

covering the window as a whole – a highly decorative solution.

How to use?


Move the DUETTE Shade with your hand – wherever released it stops seamlessly.

PowerView® Motorisation

Smart Shades that simplify your life

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SmartHome Plissee nach Maß
  • no wires, perfect retrofit-solution
  • integrated Li-Ion battery (runtime 9-12 months)
  • super-silent
  • Stunning Pebble Remote
  • Easy-to-use mobile app
  • Built in Austria with technology from Luxaflex®

Integrated rechargeable battery

App for iOS and Android

LEHA Rollo PowerView
Good to know
  • Has all benefits of a Plissé Shades
  • Selection of more than 200 fabrics (translucent, semi-transparent, dimm-out)
  • Strings are kept hidden, no visible holes in the fabric
  • helps to save heating costs by reducing heat loss up to 46 percent
  • elegant handle from metal matching the colour of the shade
  • Made to measure (accurate to the millimeter)

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