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Panel Curtains

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Panel Curtains


As we are nearing the middle of the 21st century, the time is right for a new interpretation of the classic curtain. This is precisely the right solution for those for whom less is simply more. Panel curtains impress with large scale panels that can be designed exactly according to your requirements. Thanks to a sliding mechanism, the panels can be moved sideways and stacked as required. An interesting play with light and shade, views from the inside out, and from the outside in!

Best for:

Regular windows (rectangular)
Large windows & Floor-to-ceiling windows
Room division

LEHA Flächenvorhang Freisteller
Solar protection
Daylight control
Privacy shield
Room division
Thermal insulation
Acoustic insulation
flame resistant (depends on fabric)
Damp wipeable
Made to measure in Austria
How to use?

by hand

Move the panels by hand.

Good to know
  • Panel curtains come in individual sizes with 240 different fabrics
  • Easy swapping of panels for cleaning
  • Wall- or ceiling mount
  • Individual prints are available
  • Made to measure (accurate to the millimeter)
interstil F1
  • Sleek design, perfect finishing
  • Head of panel hidden away elegantly (stitches not visible)
  • Lower the panel for washing or exchange
  • Super-silent adjustment of panels
  • Beautiful mounting brackets without visible screws

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