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Venetian Blind

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Venetian Blind


Venetian blinds are and will always be a timeless classic. The space saving, robust aluminium slats are currently as popular as they have always been, thanks to their durability and easy adjustability for light control. Maybe, their popularity is also due to the characteristic play of light and shade created by the movable slats, which has already been appreciated by generations.

Best for:

Regular windows (rectangular)
Tilt & Turn windows
Large windows & Floor-to-ceiling windows
Gable windows

LEHA Jalousie Freisteller
Solar protection
Daylight control
Privacy shield
Gable & Large windows
Robust and easy to maintain
Damp wipeable
Suitable for humid spaces
Made to measure in Austria
Mounting options
Jalousie in die Glasleiste am Fensterfalz montiert, Typ Varioline

on the glass (recess)

Directly mounted on glass, fitted closely to the window for perfect daylight control. Perfect for Tilt & Turn windows

Jalousie vor der Fensternische auf Wand oder Decke montiert

on wall or ceiling

Covering the window as a whole – a highly decorative solution.

How to use?


Adjust and turn the Venetian Blind by pulling the chain.


Adjust the Venetian Blind by pulling the cord and twisting the turning bar.


Move the shade with your hand – wherever released it stops seamlessly. Adjust the slats by turning the knob.

Good to know
  • Selection of more than 300 styles and colours
  • Perfect daylight control
  • Made to measure (accurate to the millimeter)
  • Available as “Megaview” edition for a even better view to the outside

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